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Hypnosis Doesn't Work Like That!/I Wanna Be a Baby

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An e-book mentioned in Hypnosis Doesn't Work Like That!. It is read by Britney in that story, and recommended to Adi in chapter 31. It is available on the same (unnamed) site where Adi had previously found and reviewed a number of hypnosis files.

The book is a guide to being an adult baby, with tips both on getting noticed in public, and avoiding notice. It also includes an extensive chapter on reverse potty training. Britney thought that this might be useful to Adi as a guide to what behaviours to avoid.

The book has 3 editions, which were released a year apart but are all still available:

1. I Wanna Be a Baby: An Adult Baby Transition Guide

This is the original book, and is slanted heavily towards the author's own personal preferences. This focuses mostly on diapers, bib, pacifier, and other obvious baby clothes more than actual behaviour. This is the only version to get a (vanity published) paperback release.

2. I Still Wanna Be a Baby

This version has a dozen additional authors, and includes tips that have been submitted by all the people who read the first one. It's a massive text, and includes some amount of repetition. It is also quite inconsistent, sometimes being written from the perspective of a baby and sometimes a caregiver, and includes an often contradictory mix of little, AB, and DL assumptions. It's one of the largest collections of adult baby tips available, but a lot of them have clearly never been tested or edited.

3. I Wanna Be a Baby Again

Now with three named editors, this book is a streamlined version of the second. It seems to contain most of the same information, but with the inaccurate stuff cut out. It has also been rewritten into a consistent style, with references to other parts of the book where necessary to reduce repetition between chapters. This is the one that Adi decides she is going to download.