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Hypnosis Doesn't Work Like That!/Dear Mommy

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An anonymously-authored e-book mentioned in Hypnosis Doesn't Work Like That!. It is read by Britney in that story, and recommended to Adi in chapter 31. It is available on the same (unnamed) site where Adi had previously found and reviewed a number of hypnosis files.

It is the fictitious diary of an adult baby, desperately searching for a Mommy to make his life complete. He goes on numerous disastrous blind dates, told in a farcical style, which often fall apart when he tries to find some subtle way to reveal his fetish. These chapters are interspersed with comical anecdotes about the character's attempts to indulge babyish behaviours in public without anyone seeing. Britney thinks that some of these chapters might be beneficial to Adi when it comes to hiding her own baby behaviours.