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Gilbert's Ghost

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A TV miniseries, watched in chapter 33 of Unexpected Daddy.

The show is aimed at young teens, but is something a smaller child could probably understand. The story is about Gilbert Horsforth, who comes back as a ghost determined to haunt whoever killed him, just as soon as he can find out who that was. But when he gets back to his home he finds that he isn't actually dead; he's still living there. Gilbert has to figure out how he can be the ghost of someone who isn't actually dead; and also deal with the fact that his living counterpart and his cat, Madeline, can apparently see him. After a couple of episodes it turns out that there was a slight mix-up with the dates, and the ghost appeared to haunt the villain a few days before he actually died. But somehow possessing his living counterpart gives him magic powers, and they decide they can use this to try and prevent whatever happened to him.

In the second season, they find that ghost-Gilbert is kind of alive again (having prevented his death), or at least people can see him, and they have to hide the fact that there's now two of this perfectly ordinary kid, one of whom has weird powers.