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Bibi Babi Miko

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A kids' TV show. Need to go through the actual books and make sure the information here is accurate.

  • Involves some songs
  • There's a themed area at K-World devoted to it.
    • There's a street featuring the shops and inhabitants of "Charm Island"
  • A small number of episodes, which are endlessly repeated on certain channels.
    • After winning awards, more episodes were produced which are a little more complex and aimed at slightly older kids (having an actual plot)
  • Vicky is a fan of the show (briefly mentioned in A Little Break)
  • Lady Maxime was one of the voice actors for the animated (non-human) characters
    • Her characters include Lola (a gecko) and Aria.
  • Main characters include Bibi, Babi, Fnord, and Doctor Nerk
    • There's an older character Mikochama who is almost but not quite one of the adults. This may be a nickname.
  • The show is set on a Polynesian island, with a cast of islanders as well as Japanese and American visitors
    • A big theme of the show is that it's important to understand the differences between different cultures, rather than looking down on someone or pretending that everyone is the same
    • There are talking animals and oddly simplistic adventures, but there's often a stealth aesop which can be surprisingly mature
    • The show provides subtle cues to distinguish fantasy elements from the times the characters learn real things about real human cultures
  • There's a straight-to-DVD movie which Adi and Toni end up watching in Hypnosis Doesn't Work Like That! shortly after chapter 100.
    • Title: Bibi Babi Miko: The Princesses Make Their Own Enchanting Movie.
    • Mysterious 'Professor N' turns out to be Dr Nerk in disguise
    • There are sing-along segments when the princesses as the audience to join in
    • There are princesses; one of them is 'the white princess', and she lives in a temple
  • There's an actual movie The Mini Miko Movie, mentioned in Hypnosis Doesn't Work Like That! chapter 273, and in more detail starting chapter 308
    • The adult characters are magically changed into babies
    • Bibi and Babi have to look after their older siblings
    • It's a mixed animated/live action show, with live actors for the adult characters (who are then dressed as babies, and other characters see them as children, but they're still played by adults)
      • It's not clear if the adults are live action actors in the TV show
    • Won several awards