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Baby's First Wish/Alice Bumble

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The main character of Baby's First Wish; friend and later partner of Nikki.

A recently graduated doctor (of chemistry) who worries that she might be getting old and wishes to be younger. She regrets that she devoted too much time to her work and not enough to her friends when she first grew up. She has been attracted to Nikki for a few years, but never said anything because she was worried about the age difference. After discovering the magic to make herself younger, she becomes a child again and treats Nikki as her "Mummy".


  • Nikki - various roles
  • Derek and Aiden - friends at university
  • Jacob P Fry - friend from university; a professor, but Alice got to know him because she was closer to his age than to most of her classmates


  • Chapter 1: 28 → 23
  • Chapter 2: 23 (24 in 2 months)
  • Chapter 3 (8 months later): 24 → 18