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A Little Attention

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Jacob is walking in the woods with his father and little sister Leah. He's feeling a little neglected, like Dad only ever pays attention to Leah, although he won't admit it to himself. He says he wants time to himself. He's also in trouble, having been grounded and had his iPhone confiscated as punishment for something his friends talked him into.

He encounters a fairy in the woods, and is granted a wish. He is given a way to win back his father's attention. It takes the form of a magic pacifier, in a special gift box, which has the power to turn him into a baby.


  • Jacob - main character and regressee
  • Dad - Jacob and Leah's father. Not clear where their mum is. Maybe she died; Jacob mentions that he'd told his parents they shouldn't have another child at their age
  • Leah - Jacob's little sister (3yo), who Dad dotes on
  • Lady Lazurellyn von Sidhe - a fairy, who grants Jacob a wish


  • Baker Park - a park with big fields used for sunbathing, ornamental gardens, and a narrow strip of woodland along the edge where Leah likes to hunt for fairies.

The Pacifier

  • When he sucks on it, everyone around him immediately thinks he is a baby girl, younger than Leah.
  • He also starts to think like a child, finding it hard to avoid acting the part or to remember how old he really is.
  • When he drops the pacifier, his mind goes back to normal, but other people see him as a child for a few minutes or a few hours.
  • Nobody notices when the effect wears off.
    • People don't remember him being a child.
    • If they are reminded of things they said/did to him while he was a child, they will remember saying those things, but are incapable of realising that it is unusual or not appropriate for his age.