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The Hash/Eric

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Main character in The Hash. Love interest of Jen.

  • Hypnotist
  • Geek

#One - Part 1

  • Meets Jen at Gregory Levinson Memorial Park
  • A little over average height
  • A little slimmer than average
  • Impossibly perfect white teeth
  • Kind of athletic
  • Confident smile that gives the impression he's seen the punchline
  • Self-assured.
  • Fashionably dressed (by Jen's assessment, so maybe not)
  • Thinks "you meet weird people" is a good reason to do something
  • philosophy: "variety is the spice of life"
  • Geohasher
    • Started at a pub in Stamford, when he met a couple of people who'd found a hash there. He was at a conference at the time.
  • Old-school single function GPS device - prefers to do his navigation by hand
    • Says he's learning to use a sextant too
  • Works with computers
    • But doesn't like ubiquity - likes devices that have a clearly defined function
    • For work, uses all the technology. So he likes hobbies that take him away from that
    • "Like an artist using a brush rather than a camera. Might not give the most accurate picture, but gives the feeling that you achieved something"
  • Quite well-off; doesn't think twice about paying for the boat

#One - Part 2

  • "Not so good at wrangling numbers". Is better with theoretical maths, and uses a calculator if he has to do arithmetic
  • "Mysteries are my bread and butter" - loves investigating, and solving problems
  • Used to be a self-employed web designer
    • Has nothing but contempt for WYSIWYG toolkits that are supposed to make things easier, but end up creating more work for actual designers who have to maintain their output
  • Has written poetry and short stories. Had a job offer once from a supermarket tabloid, to make up "true stories"
  • Had a photography exhibit at a local museum once
  • Likes doing a little bit of everything
  • His degree was actually in constructive psychotherapy. Is a qualified hypnotherapist, but let it lapse because he prefers to use those skills for fun
    • Hasn't used it in three years, but is tempted