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The Groomsman

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A low budget straight-to-DVD romcom starring Emlyn Beaker as serial adulterer Harold.

Harold has to look presentable for a wedding, when his current girlfriend is invited (both of the brides are her schoolfriends). However, there are only 8 male guests, and the brides have decided that to subvert expectations the men should be the bridesmaids. Harold doesn't find out about this until the last minute, so shows up to the wedding and starts hitting on the bridesmaids, not realising they are all men in drag.

The brides find this funny, and appoint him maid of honour. He now has 48 hours to learn how to walk in heels and not embarrass himself; but his girlfriend hears that he was hitting on the bridesmaids and thinks this means he is gay, so she dumps him and announces that she isn't going to the wedding after all. Harold decides he's still going to be maid of honor, because he made a promise. Various other hijinks happen; culminating with him sleeping with both of the brides (separately) on the night before the wedding. The ceremony is interrupted when both brides feel the need to confess their sins; and both feel that they need to confess first because it's such a big deal, so they get into an argument over who gets to speak first.

The argument just keeps escalating; and the brides won't let Harold interrupt because they both blame him, so he steps back. Then the priest hits on him, which feels weird and creepy to him, and makes him reflect on how he's treated the women in his life. He has a bit of a revelation, but before he can do anything about it, the brides both get mad at the priest and yell at him. And as they yell the same thing at the same time, they both realise that must mean they've been trying to confess the same dirty secret as well.

They decide that being so in sync means they really are meant for each other. They're still mad, and clearly somebody needs to be punished for the infidelity, but the two brides know they love each other. And when Harold realises that his girlfriend took off in his car, leaving him stranded, the happy couple drag him along on their honeymoon so they can take out all their anger on him.