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Sixty-Nine Shades of Gay

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A book which exists in-universe. Jen from The Hash has a copy, as well as a posthypnotic suggestion to make her experience the story whenever she reads it.

The book is the story of an interior designer, Amantha, doing a home makeover for a couple of gay lumberjacks (Dirk and Bart) who live in a log cabin, in the middle of a huge tract of forest that they own.

The method she learned was to collect colours before starting on a design. She's supposed to find seventy shades in the building, the surrounding landscape, and the hobbies of the homeowner; and then divide those seventy shades into a couple of main colours and some accents. However, in this case she's finding it hard to get enough colours because every time she looks at something closer than the endless trees, she ends up fantasising about her employers. She's got one 'shade' on her sheet to represent the forest; so now she just needs to find some to represent the people and their life together; the eponymous 'Sixty-Nine Shades of Gay'.

Bart has eyes as blue as the ocean.

Dirk's toned abs are colour 2294a (pale chocolate) according to Amantha, and his eyes are blue-green.

Bart's sister shows up in chapter 12, and says that Amantha has to prove herself before she will be allowed to flirt with the lumberjacks. "If you're going to steal my brother's man, I want to make sure you're good enough for him." She had a crush on Dirk too.

In-depth plot

Some time after writing The Hash, an extended version of the same plot occured to me, which I'd quite like to write. This version would actually be a kind of mystery, rather than the erotica it was marketed as. The expanded plot is detailed in this idea, which I posted in my Naughty Thoughts book on Wattpad.