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Pocket Cats

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A cartoon series, watched by Tess and Spike in The Last New Start chapter 116.

It features hand-drawn animation cells, slightly wobbly, and was produced by an independent animation studio based in Moistville. It was never particularly popular, as the studio could only sell it to a regional cable network, but remains loved by some of its fans. It was one of Spike's favourites when he was a little kid, and since the episodes became available on YouTube, he decided to introduce Tess to it. The show is aimed at girls ages 3-5, and the main characters are two cats named Topaz (green) and Misha (pink). Both cats are female, although about half of the kids watching it during its original run seemed to think that Topaz was a boy. Among fans in the local ABDL community, there is now some speculation that Misha was intended to represent a transgender girl (or that Topaz is a trans boy, getting misgendered by the narrator).

Each episode consists of two seven-minute story segments, which often show two versions of the same simple aesop. These are separated by a brief educational segment featuring a rainbow snake called Merlin, who often has some arbitrary problem and needs the children watching to help him count fruit, identify the colour of badges, or name items of clothing. These are often framed with the explanation that Merlin is doing a favour for the princess, but needs help with it. Apparently, the Princess needs a snake's help to be a real princess, although this is never really explained.

The opening and ending themes are quite long, catchy, and memorable. The ending theme refers to Topaz and Misha as the Princess's pets, although they never talk about her (or mention any human), and there's no hint in the show itself that they have an owner.