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Peng Friends

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An educational animated series for small kids. It finished a couple of years before the present, but is followed by a sequel, Paradise Pen.

The show features four penguins (Penny, Pendthrift, Penfold, and Penderton) who form a band known as the Cool Doodles, and their new friend Pete. Each of them plays a different instrument, and they take turns to play a solo in the ending theme (sometimes discussing whose turn it is, or even arguing over the role). However, it's unlikely they will make it big as they live in little wooden igloos on an ice floe which apparently has no other occupants; so the audience for their live shows consists only of passing seabirds.

However, they are making a scrapbook of places they want to visit some day on a world tour. They hear about a new country from the newspaper at the start of each episode, and dream about what it must be like (coming up with guesses the audience might think are silly, like Egypt being mostly populated by tigers). Then their ice floe sails near the country in question, and they send letters to someone in that country who responds with a letter giving a more realistic view. Often they will look at the country through a telescope, cueing a live-action segment from that country, narrated by the contents of a letter from a child or authority figure who is in the video.

Almost every episode also includes Pete trying to learn some instrument that's popular in that country; sure that when he finds one he's good at he will be able to join the band properly.