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Party Harder

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Party Harder is an online video series that later gained enough popularity to be shown on syndicated TV. It stars three pranksters known as the 'Harder Hosts'. Each episode has one host trying to become the king of sophomoric humour by outdoing whatever the last guy did. He will start by trying out a prank, stunt, or practical joke, and will then refine it to perform larger and more elaborate versions, while streamlining it. In practice, most stunts are streamlined down to making something explode, sharing embarrassing images of someone on huge billboards, or making a foul smell. Hosts getting injured or arrested is not uncommon, and they have all been hospitalised more than once by something exploding at the wrong time. This leads many fans to believe that the show is staged and the hosts and victims all actors. According to the show's lore, the three take turns to one-up each other until someone produces a prank so massive that the other two concede or fail to match it; at which point all the episodes to that point are bundled and released on the same day as a "season". Including the extras, a season usually totals 24-36 hours in length.

One of the hosts is named Niles. Among his catchphrases is "turnabout is fair play".