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New Experiences

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New Experiences is a collection now being shared on Wattpad. It contains three short stories originally written for Furaffinity, A New Experience, Mixed Blessings, and The Other Side. They're being edited together now, into a single book about the adventures of Spanky the fox.


  • Spanky - John Gold Spankless
  • Master Metamorpheus (only seen online)
  • Lulu - Spanky's exotic domme girlfriend, a pink cat who likes to pretend she's a leopard. She's the only one who initially knows that Spanky has more than one girlfriend, as she is Paper's roommate.
  • Paper Tiger - a very shy girlfriend
  • Dawn Riesling - a blue kestrel

Minor Characters

  • Marco - Rat. Spanky's college friend. Marco is in a 'workshop' with Spanky
  • Ned & Warty - More friends. Sports fans; they can debate the merits of different teams or players, quote the stats, and have an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the rosters of major football teams. But they both support some obscure local team, and don't really care about the big names. So they'll join in any argument on opposite sides and treat it like a debating contest.
  • Francis - One of Marco's friends
  • Ernest (Ernie) - The porter at Melville House. All the students know how. Occasional dad-joke user. Elderly buzzard. More details in chapter 1.
  • Dez - one of Paper's friends. Fan of weird Spanish soap operas, that he pushes Paper and Spanky to watch with him.


  • Melville House - luxury apartments for students, near the centre of town. The lobby is decorated with ancient wood that might be as old as the building itself. There is a 24/7 porter on duty. Mail is arranged in a grid of 29 pidgeon holes on the wall to the right of the desk; 'S' is inexplicably at the bottom right. An orange card indicates that the porter has parcels or important items for you.
  • The Bother - Some kind of bar. Not sure if this is a real name or a nickname. Spanky is unenthusiastic about standing at the bar to watch sports on the big TV.
  • The Vitruvian Gallery - Spanky and Paper go on a date here in chapter 8
  • Jade Dragon - a fancy restaurant that Paper and Spanky go to sometimes.


  • Spanky gets a lot of his clothes from a local designer outlet Priè Marche, whose current ads involve a scruffy goose/panda/weasel praying for better clothes, and getting a sudden miraculous makeover.
  • Local football teams include the 'Crusaders' and 'Gunmans'.