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Mind's Eye

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Mind's Eye is a story written by Angel for Camp Nanowrimo April 2023. There is no explicit regression in this story, although it may appear later.

The story is experimental; making heavy use of second-person narration and dream sequences to explore the the themes of what is real; as well as allowing the main character to explore her sexual fantasies in a dream world.


  • Yue - The main character; but her name is never given. Throughout the story, she is only referred to as "you" (2nd person narative). She is a silent protagonist.
  • Master - A hypnotist, also never named. During hypnosis sessions, he may be referred to as "I". Essentially an omniscient first person narrator, telling a story from Yue's perspective even when he isn't present.
  • Milkshake and Chan-Chan - Two bilingual coworkers in Yue's office. They both speak a basic level of each other's native languages, and tend to chat in a mixture of all three which nobody else can follow. Yue doesn't know where the nicknames came from, or their real names.
  • Trey "Davy" Stone - romantic interest. Yue knew him from school, and had a huge crush on him, but repressed the memory; so she fails to recognise him while he starts to show up in her dreams.
  • Dr Tabib - briefly mentioned; someone (past or present) connected to Yue's part-time job.