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In The Family

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Originally titled A Family Affair, but I think this title is better.

A hypnosis story, involving relaxation, polyamory, and wet pants.


  • Helen - Main POV character. Had a relationship with Malcolm when they were both at university
  • Malcolm Exley - Obsessive learner, studied hypnosis at university and tried to use it to help friends
  • Kayla - Helen's wife. Some of Helen's cousins refer to her by her dead name, Sean, rather than admit someone in their family might be bi.
  • Julie - A younger woman. Met Helen & Kayla at a munch, where she was pretending to be old enough when she was technically still a minor. Helen took her under her wing, acting as a kind of mentor, helping her to stay safe as she explored her kinky side. Now in a kind of poly relationship with Helen and Kayla, certainly acting like a family unit. All three have feelings for each other, and are attracted, but somehow involving Julie in sex has always been a little awkward for reasons none of them can pin down. For now, she's dating different men and women but none of them really last long.

Developing Relationships

  • Helen and Malcolm had a brief thing at uni. He was pretty much being a service top; helping her live out her fantasies of feeling controlled. This was his first introduction to kink.
  • They split up; some tension there, but not really explored why.
  • Kayla and Malcolm met on a hypno-kink chat (Omegle maybe?) when she was looking into hypnosis to promote breast growth
  • Malcolm starts to hypnotise Kayla, encouraging her to imagine nursing a baby to see if that promotes the right hormones, and also to massage her breasts without realising when she's alone
    • Helen is worried about some online hypnotist taking advantage of her wife, so says she wants to watch the sessions and make sure it's safe. Trances every time without properly realising.
  • Julie gets curious about this hypnosis thing, it turns her on, and asks for Malcolm's contact details. Asks him to give her some obedience triggers
    • Helen is nervous again, but can't interfere becasue she knows she can trust Malcolm if it's him
  • Meet in RL for the first time, Malcolm comes to visit them
    • Helen will feel the emotional aura of the triggers well enough to convince her that this is what she really wants; asks Malcolm to drop her too.