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George Castalanetta

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The main character in the story Exchanging Places. He was determined to learn languages, and is a polyglot; fluent in Spanish and Polish and with understanding of other languages.

George is first seen as a recent high school graduate who is babysitting for his neighbours' daughter Eve. However, he is tricked by a demon and forced to live in Eve's body. Within a few weeks, he has no conscious memory of ever being George; although Eve manages to recover some memories of being George later in life.

After this point, George is mentioned as being a politician. It sounds like he stands a good chance of being elected at the end of the year. This may in fact be the demon possessing George's body. It is never confirmed whether the story is true, or just Eve's fantasy. If he appears in other stories, George will just be name-dropped as the current head of state. To avoid placing the story in a particular country (see English), he probably won't be referred to as President, Premiere, or PM. Instead, mention the Castalanetta government or similar.