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Captain Jennykins

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A popular travel blogger. While taking a year off to see the world before her final year of university, she started posting videos from all the cities she visited, talking about the sights, history, and culture. She quickly became known for her affected childish demeanour; speaking quickly and breathlessly as if she's excited about everything she sees and rushing to get the words out. She also had a tendency to dart off without warning when she saw something interesting; demonstrating the attention span of a toddler. She is also known for surreal flights of fantasy, and playing make-believe whenever it seems appropriate. She's actually very intelligent, but this persona allowed her to cram so much content into each video, and she became something of an icon.

About a month into her tour, she stopped at a gift shop where she got a silly pirate hat, and pronounced herself the captain of her channel. A reaction channel who couldn't pronounce her name properly was responsible for fans affectionately referring to her as Captain Jennykins; a moniker she gladly adopted around the middle of her gap year.

She never returned to university, instead deciding to transfer to an online course. And with the donations she gets from her fans (as well as often earning free accommodation from the tourism boards of the cities she visits), her world tour continued for almost three years, before she gained a syndicated TV show (adding celebrity interviews and competitions to her format, and introducing segments from other creators as a kind of magazine show), and became a brand ambassador for the Nurserywave fashion brand.