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I seem to be creating my own English style, mixing variants from around the world. I'll try to document it here; so that I can stay consistent.

  • Colour (not color) and similar words; using the British spelling
  • Judgement (not judgment) and similar words, also the British usage; although I haven't used the 'judgment' variant as a legal term
  • University and college are used interchangeably. A university degree is a three to five year course, coming immediately after high school.
    • There used to be a UK-style 6th form college, which comes between high school and university. Many high schools now include these extra years as a part of the core curriculum.
    • Universities often have an optional "year zero" or "bridge year", for students who finished high school at 17.
    • The age of majority is 18 for almost everything
      • The legal age to drive varies between regions. Local authorities have to balance maturity of driving license applicants against the local infrastructure level and how easy it is to get around without a car. Generally, the driving age could be 18 in highly-pedestrianised inner city areas, but as young as 15 in rural areas where driving to school is a necessity. It's usually up to licensing boards to weigh a particular applicant's maturity against their needs.
  • We use the US terms for diapers and pacifiers.
    • Dodi also appears as a regional dialect term for a pacifier.
  • Maneuver (AmE spelling)
  • Centre (BrE) in most usages; Center (AmE) for a shopping center, medical center, or similar.
  • Elevator, not lift
  • Cars have a hood (AmE) at the front and a boot (BrE) at the back
    • Glove compartment and Glovebox are both in use; maybe region or class based